Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sightings of Purple {feeding my obsession yet again!!}

Hello, friends!  Some days, I cannot believe the crazy things that happen...Yesterday, I met with a bride and her fiance to chat about her wedding.  She happened to be wearing a purple shirt...{I thought to myself,...what a cute shirt!  I don't have a purple shirt like THAT yet...hmmm...I wonder where she got it?}  All of a sudden...MISSION OF THE NEWEST PURPLE SHIRT has commenced in my head....

I look down at my outfit and to my surprise...I was NOT wearing any purple!!!  HOW could this have happened???  Then, my bride tells me she wore that purple shirt JUST FOR ME, because she knows I love purple. 

I think I stopped breathing for a minute, I can't remember.  I was speechless.  What a thoughtful gift!  This bride went out of her way to do something nice for me by wearing MY favorite color. 

To that bride {if she is reading this}, my dearest thank you.  It really did mean a lot to me :)

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